Stress Less & Manage More!

Stress can take a toll on us all, especially in uncertain times. It is easy to forget that our own self-care is essential to our wellbeing. If we are depleting ourselves, we ultimately have less energy to give to our work or to offer someone else.

In this workshop we will learn and practice useful tools to give us a sense of control and allowing us to let go of things beyond our control.

Life Coaching

Our life journey is both full of smooth and complex transitions. As a Transformational Life Coach my intention is to partner and guide you connect to your current, overall physical, emotional, and spiritual state. Our conversation may also involve using the creative processes (journaling, collage work, visualization) to discover your own pathway of intention. We will explore and create together a compass where you can access your own internal wisdom to create the life you want.

We can connect by phone or zoom. 2023 rates: $85 for 60 minutes or $65 for 45 minutes. If you are a new client, we can set up a quick meeting to see if my coaching style works with your goals. Send me an email to set up a time.

SoulCollage®: Intuitive Art and Discovery

SoulCollage® is a powerful intuitive tool for personal discovery and accessing your inner wisdom. A meditative collage process where you choose from hundreds of images and pull the ones that pull you! Creating a visual journey that becomes a compass for your personal strengths, stories, and allows you to intuitively access your own inner “wisdom” and guiding you to answer life’s questions. Basic to advanced levels of workshops for groups, retreats and individuals are available.

The Power of Storytelling
in Business or Pleasure

A good story has the power to engage, build connection, inspire, and provide an emotional response that moves people to action. Stories provide a unique opportunity to communicate your message by focusing on the human side of work and life experiences. Learn the power of storytelling for leaders, non-profits, caregivers, and changemakers! Basic to advanced levels available.

Healing Through Creativity Series

There is a connection between our hearts, our thoughts and our hands that can help us to express many withheld feelings. Creativity aids us with releasing these bottled emotions and provides us with a fresh perspective that allows for a sense of control and freedom from what is beyond our control. Offered as an individual workshop, or as a series, participants will experience a broad stroke of how the creative arts can help with healing and increasing resiliency to face life’s challenges. Learn strategies and self-care techniques that can be used in your practice. This is not for clinical use and no art experience is needed. Pick one or all the following topics: Creating Mandalas, Erasure Poetry, Journaling & Guided Visualization, Personal Collage, and Vision Boarding.

What You Say and How You Say It!

Whether you are working with challenging individuals, in customer service or caregiving, communication is far more listening than talking. One goal as an effective communicator is to truly understand the speaker’s perspective (regardless of whether you agree), and to communicate that understanding back to the speaker. In this interactive workshop, you will practice effective communication skills that can help you in your personal and professional interactions with people.

Improving Your Awareness: Incorporating mindfulness as a leadership practice

This intro session focuses on what mindfulness is (and is not), as well as the ‘whys’ and the ‘how’s’ of practicing mindfulness.  It can improve health, productivity, and job satisfaction. In the 6-week training, participants learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, ways to develop emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindful communication skills. This program engages participants in a range of practical activities to create and incorporate mindfulness practices into their lives, such as meditation, focus activities, and movement. Research shows that the benefits of practicing mindfulness can allow for a greater attention span and more engagement; increased ability to focus on the job; improved health, safety,  productivity, and job satisfaction.

Improving Your Awareness and Focus Through Mindful Practice:

According to a recent study, people who practice mindfulness are more productive, safe, and resilient, and have a more positive outlook on life than those who do not practice (Elder 2014). The practice of increasing our focus and awareness can be utilized daily to decrease stress, prevent injury, increase awareness, improve performance, and reduce distractions. This training on being mindful can have a direct, positive impact on your overall health, and sense of well-being. Basic to advanced levels of training available.

Stress Less & Manage More

Stress can take a toll on us all, especially in uncertain times. It is easy to forget that our own self-care is essential to our wellbeing. If we are depleting ourselves, then we ultimately have less energy to give to our work, or to offer someone else. Over time, we can develop stress overload called “compassion fatigue,” which is a set of symptoms that can affect our health, emotions, thoughts, relationships, behaviors, and even how we feel about the world. Learn and practice useful tools that help give you a sense of control, while also allowing you to identify and let go of what is beyond your control. Available as a single workshop or series for groups or individuals.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

The conversations that occur between helping professionals and their clients are powerful and capable of supporting or inhibiting the innate change process that lies within us all.  Learn to make your interactions with clients more satisfying and effective by using Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidenced-based, person-centered, guiding style of communication that elicits and strengthens intrinsic motivation for positive change. MI is designed for helping professionals who want to create well-balanced, meaningful relationships with their clients. Basic to advanced levels of MI training and coaching available.